Friday, 31 March 2017

Theme-tas-stitch 2017 : March Madness check-in

Hello Friends,
Another month has flown by... and here I am with my check in for Theme-tas-stitch SAL: March Madness being hosted by Kerry.I didn't forget to post about the SAL , I was trying to get a few projects started/finished for the check-in. I'm essentially a OAAT stitcher , so this theme was difficult to meet.
I don't how but the march madness actually made me mad. Ya real mad. Mr. Frog has been in the house , sitting on my shoulder and bothering me. First I had to frog 400 stitches in my Candamar project and that almost killed my mojo.
As if that wasn't enough , Mr. Frog decided to interfere in a very simple swap piece I'm stitching. I'm telling you never in the past I had to cut the thread while frogging...but this time that too happened. At least my ORT Jar is happy.
I started three new small projects this month , one is FFOed, second is finished(can't show as its for a exchange)  and third I just started today to show you guys.
Started :4th March 2017
Finished :12th March 2017

New start , 31st March 2017

ORTs from the swap project
Fourth project I worked on or rather re stitched on after the frogging was the Candamar design WIP.
Candamar Project
The portion circled black is off by 1 row but I'm not going to frog it. Portoin circled pink was frogged and restitched.
Not a very good report, but I'm happy that I stitched most of the days in the month which is shown in the monthly pie chart.
March 2017 Stitching pie

Change in plans
If you remember from my Jan goals post, I decided to start a Soda Stitch pattern for Tour de Designers SAL in April for Stitch Maynia FB SAL. This project also fitted the theme for Theme-tas-stitch : April Showers.
Well I have decided to withdraw out of the SAL and not start this piece. I have to work on 3 smalls in April, given my speed I know that will take the whole month. I don't want to start a new project and stitch it for a day and add to my WIP basket.

I hope you have a productive April stitching wise.


  1. How frustrating for you. So many lovely projects there.

  2. So frustrating for you, but your projects look lovely x

  3. Hope the frog has hopped over back in the garden ;)
    Great little crosses!

  4. You made a good stitching progress, never mind how much forward or backwards:) Everything counts.

  5. That darn frog! I hope he leaves you alone for a long time now! :) And your projects look great! I would have liked to participate in the Soda Stitch SAL too but I have enough on my plate without adding more to it but I really want to stitch some of their designs in the future. I love the new look of your blog, very nice!

  6. OH my, so much frogging sometimes kills the stitching bug. But fortunately you started to restitch the frogged area immediately. That's the best means I know in order not to lose your stitching mojo. The owl birthday card looks so nice. And great new start on a great fabric colour.

  7. Sorry to hear about the frog visit. I hope he disappears soon!

  8. Love the owl card but not loving the frog! That is so frustrating.
    I am sticking to my own rotation and ignoring a lot of the SALs this year too.

  9. Oooh! Can't wait to see what your new project is! Glad to see you dealt with the frog smartly!
    Love the owl card, and smiling at the secret stitching!
    It was my hubbie's birthday yesterday, and I surprised him with a very large book with photos of London! The surprise was how heavy it was, and the fact that I carried it ..... I have back issues and don't normally carry heavy bags but I had secretly bought, and carried home the book for his birthday surprise without him knowing ..... until yesterday!
    Barbara x

  10. I hope Mr Frog has hopped off your lovely projects

  11. Oh no, that Frog Prince certainly gets around. A lovely, busy stitching month for you, my dear. Well done.

  12. Awful frog visit, he´s been at my place lately too, but don´t think I could face undoing 400 sts. it would kill me. Lovely bright happy owl design.


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