Monday, 10 April 2017

The Alphabet Club Catch up post : Letter M

Hello Friends,
Here I am with a very late entry for the Alphabet Club Letter M. This is going to be a long post, as so many interesting words that start with letter M.

M is for Maa , Hindi word for mother ( Pronunciation similar to how its said in English). I'm sure not many can deny the importance of a mother in a living being's existence. Personally I can't even imagine where I would be without my mother: from loving selflessly, to fighting with society to let me choose what I wanted to be, to accepting who I am , to teach me how to take care of family and last but not the least, passing down the love of crafts like embroidery, home decor and cooking .I always thought I was a papa's gal , but as I grow old I can't help but see how similar I am to my mother.
One day ,after a break of few years from cross stitching , I was looking for information on DMC on the Internet. My mother would often mention how DMC thread was available in India in her young age and how good the quality was. I was amazed to find so many beautiful designs on Internet . I started searching for a pattern to make for my mother's 60th birthday which was "then" in 10 years. This is the pattern I selected .
Design by Katherine Martin Tripp

Though my taste has changed ,since I have found the new world of cross stitch designers , I still may stitch this for my mother.

M for Mushakal- a vegetarian Fatayer. Its a turnover pastry/ sandwich made of pizza base type dough and baked in oven. As you know, I am a big foodie and when we shifted to Kuwait, I was looking for new Arabic vegetarian dishes to try . An acquaintance suggested why don't I try Mushakal. Since then its one of my favourite Arabic food,nothing beats the taste of oven baked closed sandwich stuffed with potato fries, fried egg plant and falafel served with pickled vegetables.
Cheese fatayer
M for Mujaddara is a Lebanese dish made of lentils and rice served with fried onions. You know how we Indians love lentils and rice , so any new way this combination is served excites me.

M for Ma'amoul is a middle eastern sweet delicacy. These are stuffed cookies made from semolina with ground datepistachio or walnut filling. Shaped in a wooden mould called a tabi.
M is for Mor or Mayur( Mor has the same pronunciation as English word More), Hindi word for peacock. Peacock is national bird of India , found in dry areas like Rajasthan ,Gujarat. It is believed that a peacock dances during rain or to invite rain . There are many folk and movie songs about rainy season and peacock in India . 
I currently have one peacock WIP , I'm having so much fun stitching with blended threads, half stitches , still long way to go though.
Indian Peacock by Dimensions

Another peacock design I have my in stash
Stunning Peacock by Amanda Gregory, Published in The World of Cross Stitching, Issue 245
One of my favourite designer is Maria Demina who designs under the name Little Room in the attic. Though I have only stitched one design of hers, her water color designs are drool worthy.
Paisley freebie from Maria Demina, stitched in Aug 2015

Aren't these lovely?

That's it my friends for letter M, I will be back for next alphabet entry.


  1. Great post Mini, love hearing about all the food. The peacocks are stunning

  2. A great post Mini! I will be searching the Internet for the recipes you have described ..... they look delicious, and I can't wait to try them!
    The peacocks are so pretty, and I love the Paisley design!
    Maria's stitching/blog is lovely too!
    Barbara x

  3. Lovely M post, Mini!! Beautiful stitching projects!! Are those last two designs also stitched by you? Which magazine/shop can I find the last design?

    1. Thank you.The last two pictures are mock ups of Maria's designs , pictures taken from her etsy shop.
      Here is the link to her etsy shop

  4. Great M post Mini! Now I am hungry! haha! And your Indian Peacock is looking so beautiful!

  5. Great post. Very informative and beautiful stitching!

  6. Great post - I love your alphabet! The food sounds really tasty, and your Indian Peacock project looks amazing x

  7. Great Alphabet Post, nice to see you catching up!
    I recognise that Paisley design, it's so pretty in real life too!

  8. You changed up your blog format. Lots of interesting M words and information to go along with each one. Lentils and rice is one of my favorite things to fix. Oh my! That peacock cross-stitch is going to be quite a long term project. I should be ashamed of the little things I stitch. Ha! I'm just glad to get anything done. :)

    1. Glad that you find the post informative. The peacock project has lots of half stitches which technically take half the time than full crosses, so I will save some there hopefully. This project is not a gift so no deadline pressure.
      Don't feel bad about the size of your cross stitch projects. Remember you make big blankets too and do lot of community work also.

  9. Great post, lots of interesting information I learnt from it. Nice peacock.

  10. The peacock looks amazing!!
    In love with all of your works <3

    CharmPop Cards

  11. I don't mind reading late entries for the Alphabet Club. I'm also completely behind with my own entries.
    A very interesting collection of M words that you have gathered here. Your peacock will be just awesome.

  12. Amazimg ideas and patterns.
    Good luck🤗


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