Thursday, 8 February 2018

4 Years Today

Four years ago today , I started my journey to a land unknown...Kuwait. I landed here at the airport at night, the drive to the temporary accommodation seemed long. I was so excited for the new adventure.Would you believe that I only asked two questions before moving to Kuwait:will I be able to work in my field of education? Will I have to wear a burqa?(no offense to anyone here).
I see expats ready to move here and they have 100s of questions, using every forum available to ask . Sometimes I think may be I should have inquired more about moving a country about which me,my family and friends knew nothing.But then I think that as I came here without presumptions ,the journey has been more about learning new culture, news ways of living and mostly about rediscovering myself rather than being full of fear about middle east.
Thank you to all those people who I have met in these 4 years for making the journey a memorable one.
P.S. Kuwait towers is the first image I get in my mind whenever I want to post a picture about Kuwait.

This is what I posted on my Instagram account today(with slight changes made) and thought of sharing this post/milestone with my blogging friends who have been important part of life in these years.

Sharing some of the interesting pictures of my life in Kuwait, these are the recent ones I had in my phone.

 Picture of one the panels of exhibited in Weaving stories - a contemporary interactive exhibition and outreach initiative honoring the textile arts of Kuwait , Dated Nov 10,2016

First visit to  Al Shaheed park,Dated Nov 10,2016

Picture of Souq Mubarakiya decorated for Hala feb celebrations,Dated Feb 17,2017

Picture taken during our visit to Bayan Botanical garden when my brother was visiting us, Dated Feb 23,2017

Pictures of Kuwait towers decorated for Hala feb celebrations, when my brother was visiting us, Dated Feb 23,2017

                             Me, my brother and my husband having some fun on the beach

A picture of Secret Garden, a community project where everything right from the wooden gate to desk to plants have been donated by public.Dated March 4,2017

A replica of Dhow as exhibited at Failaka Island,Dated March 10,2017

Antiquities of Failaka Island,Dated March 10,2017

 Food is an important part of our life here, Kuwait offers cuisines of dozens of countries due to a large expat population. Dated March 14,2017

  This is the picture of the second bloom of Mums since I bought it.Dated March 31,2017

Grand Mosque,Dated April 15,2017

               That's me helping the kids in a cross stitch workshop, Dated Dec 16,2017

                   An abandoned hanger in the Shumaymah Desert,Dated Dec 31,2017

                           Abandoned building projects at Shumaymah Desert,Dated Dec 31,2017

If you notice, most of the pictures here are from Dec-March . This is because these months have temperatures pleasant enough for us to roam around , other months life is limited to house and office.

If you are interested in details of any picture or my life in kuwait in general, leave a comment and I will try to post about my experience of living in Kuwait.


  1. Lots of lovely images you have posted of what you have seen. The weaving looks amazing.

  2. You have recorded so many good memories of yours. Beautiful photos.

  3. Haha, I would've asked about the burka too, or at least the headscarf. I love the swirly lights for the Hala Feb decorations! It's scary to move to a new place but it's also fun to discover all the new culture.

  4. Good to know that you enjoy being in Kuwait. Thanks for sharing lovely pictures! Wish you both a happy life ahead:)

  5. It must have been scary at first, but you have shared some amazing photos with us and great adventures, and seem to be having a lot of fun!
    Looking forward to reading about future adventures ..... and more lovely stitching too, of course!
    Barbara xx

  6. I love hearing about your life in Kuwait. Had you just started this blog when you moved? I had no idea that you have only lived there for 4 years! I would love to hear more about the places you have visited especially the Antiquities of Failaka Island. I would love to go to a place like that :)

  7. What beautiful pictures.....Kuwait looks like a wonderfully interesting place to live.

  8. It's always interesting to see photos of the places where people live.
    How exciting to just take off and live in a new country too.

  9. Beautiful photos - and happy 4 years of being in Kuwait! x

  10. What gorgeous photos! Kuwait Towers look amazing lit up at night.
    Where did you live before you moved to Kuwait? It sounds like a big change culturally for you, how interesting.

  11. I'm so happy your time in Kuwait has been so rewarding, Mini! It looks like such an interesting country :)

  12. Such an inspiring story. So great to hear how you've adjusted and had such an interesting life adventure!

  13. What an adventure you started back then. And in the meantime you must have so many wonderful memories.


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