Friday, 23 February 2018

Smalls SAL February Check-in

Hello Friends,

Its last friday of the month , time to show what smalls we stitched during the month. I'm participating first time in Smalls SAL this year hosted by Heather. I decided to join this SAL as I usually stitch birthday cards or exchange pieces throughout the year and this gives me an additional chance to blog.

I stitched two Smalls this month, but can't show one as it has still not been gifted to the recipient. After finishing  my big project and first Small, I wasn't feeling inspired to pick my WIP-Indian peacock. Stitchers on Instagram were showing some cute Valentine finishes and one particular design caught my eye. You see, hubby and I are not very particular about celebrating Valentine's day but if we find something good for each other for the occasion , we make or buy it.

I stitched this freebie from Hands on Design , though I must confess that the reason I chose this design from all of Cathy's freebies was to use one particular fabric in my stash. You see I bought half yard of 32ct Misty blue linen in 2015 but never got around to use this. Unlike many of you talented stitchers, its difficult for me to deviate from called for floss and fabric in patterns as I like or shall we say my mind works best when I follow instructions to T.

As this was a surprise, I had to stitch this in hiding. Pretty easy for most people, but not me. Hubby and I work in same office, so we are practically together 24 hours of the day. I'm not complaining, I won't have it any other way. But the situation makes it difficult to arrange surprises. I stitched this piece in office while husband was sitting in the same cubicle, with his back towards me. 😉

I made a counting mistake in the border and I'm not happy with the finishing. However, hubby liked the tiny gift and we talked about how I stitched it in office while eating the yummy cake.

I'm writing this post in advance and will schedule it to be posted on Friday as I'm travelling to India for a short vacation.Will visit your blogs when I'm back.


  1. Lovely finish ! :) Not only hiding from your husband you might have hidden from boss as well or either your boss is lenient or you don't have a boss at your place. I guess I also have a part of that fabric and I should also learn to move away from white and cream fabrics to different colors. This is the problem with card stitching, we can't show on the blog.

  2. Have a lovely vacation.
    A sweet gift for hubby, well done on the secret stitching.

  3. Well done with the secret stitching! Nice pattern. I like the cotton colour and the fabric you used, looks nice and soft? Super neat finish, and a nice surprise for hubby! I bet you enjoyed your secret stitching!
    Hope you have a great journey and break!
    Barbara xx

  4. What a sweet stitch! I love the thread you used :)

  5. Hah, I can imagine your difficulty, sneaking in a stitch or two at a time when he wasn't looking! It's fun to make things for appreciative husbands though. :) And that is lovely fabric!

  6. Well done on the secret stitching! My husband works from home a lot but is out enough so that I could stitch in secret if I wanted too!

  7. Like Preeti I wondered too about your boss! I don't like to change things up too much either. It's the perfect design to use your pretty fabric.
    Hope you have a good trip.

  8. Such a lovely Valentine's stitch for your husband. We don't celebrate Valentine's Day either but sometimes I just stitch a little small with this theme, just out if fun.

  9. Definitely makes it hard to work on surprises when you are together all the time. It turned out nicely though. Doesn't have to be perfect to be appreciated. Hope you are having (or had) a lovely time in India.

  10. Gorgeous finish :0) so pleased you were able to keep it a surprise for hubby, although that must have been very tricky stitching it in the office with him so close by! I would love to stitch at work.. would be much more enjoyable than working!! :0)
    Hugs x


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