Friday, 27 April 2018

Smalls SAL April Check-in

Hello Friends,

Its last friday of the month , time to show what smalls we stitched during the month. I'm participating first time in Smalls SAL this year hosted by Heather. I decided to join this SAL as I usually stitch birthday cards or exchange pieces throughout the year and this gives me an additional chance to blog.

I have two small finishes for this month.

I made this birthday card for my friend Z. I chose this card in hope to use the gingham ribbon I had in my stash, had to use a polka dot one as the one I had was wider.
Gorgeous Gingham
Designer : Joanne Sanderson
CrossStitcher Issue 212

I also tried something new this time, made a beaded coaster. My mom gave me lots of these beads this time and I didn't know what to do with them as I hardly stitch projects that call for beads. So i tried making this coaster with blank cork coasters bought from IKEA. The beads are glued on . I think I have an idea what I can do to get better results next time.

Another small finished is this office project. I have recently started keeping small kits or cover kits in my office drawer as they are easy-to-use and make quick projects. When I selected this design I didn't know what I can do with this but then I thought it will be a good birthday card for one of my UK pen pals.
You see her birthday is in June but as it takes 2-3 months for mail to reach UK from Kuwait , I made it well in advance.My friend doesn't visit my blog so its safe to post here.
Heritage Crafts kit
Well if you are ogling over how neat the finishing is, its all thanks to my friend Jo. She sent me these blank aperture cards for our swap back in 2015. Thank you Jo, they came in so handy.

I hope you like these Smalls. Looking forward to see what other Small Stitchers have to show.


  1. Pretty birthday cards for your friends and a good idea to have blank aperture cards on hand as these make such nice gifts. great beefeater,

  2. Sweet cards you have made to give away, lucky persons who receive a gift of your lovely work.

  3. Beautiful projects Mini! So creative of you to use the beads for a coaster!

  4. Such cute projects, Mini! I'll bet that beaded coaster took a long time... 2-3 months for mail to arrive--oh, my! Good thing you prepared well ahead of time :)

  5. I think the aperture card things are the best things ever! The coaster is a great idea to use up beads especially all the ones that seem to accumulate after finishing a Mill Hill design.

  6. The cards you made are so sweet. The recipients will love them.

  7. The birthday card is so beautiful. Your beaded coaster is wonderful.

  8. Great work on your smalls this month.
    The Beefeater is so sweet and makes a great card.


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