Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Stitch every 'Day' in 'May'

Dear Friends,

Join me for the challenge Stitch every 'Day' in 'May'. This is my personal challenge as I have been slacking from crafting last month. Well it was a choice to take things easy craft wise.But I miss crafting 😁
Image courtesy:Hands on Design
So I decided to take the challenge to stitch each day in May even if it is for 5 minutes . You see I did this in 2016 and I stitched for 29 days out of 31 that year. I would like to repeat it this year , if not better the record.

Also, I must confess that I'm a bit overwhelmed by the all the posts on Stitch Maynia group on FB about the 18/31/100 new starts people are doing for Maynia 2018. Don't get me wrong , I have nothing against people who like new starts or multiple WIPs. However, I like simplicity of one focus piece and enjoy finishes more than new starts.

Join me if you find it hard to stitch every day due to busy schedule or lack of motivation. The purpose of this challenge is to dedicate time to our hobby.

Use the hashtag #stitcheverydayinmay if you post pictures on IG.

Have a good month friends.


  1. What a great idea Mini! I don't use IG but will certainly try to stitch along with you every day. I stitch most days but this will just be a little extra push. Like you I also prefer finishes to starts!

  2. Great idea Mini! Now that work has slowed some I do get to stitch every day so this will be easy for me to join along with :) I am having some cell phone issues but hopefully I can join in on IG soon! I also have no desire to do 18/31/100 new starts in a month ever. Ha!

  3. I am feeling overwhelmed at the sheer number of posts on Stitch Maynia that I see on IG, Mini! I am a one-at-a-time stitcher so I can't imagine doing a new start each day even though I really do stitch (almost) every day :)

  4. Good luck with your stitching every day in May. I knit also, so some days I knit and some I stitch.

  5. Great idea to have a few stitches every day! I am feeling lazy and don't think I could manage anything every day. I enjoy finishes more than starts too. Starting something means something else is Not Done. Maybe this is a glass half-empty perspective. :D

  6. Not a challenge for me, more of a way of life!

    If I am short of time, then the computer time is the victim, not my stitching.

    I'll be interested to see how you do this May.

  7. Great idea! I tend to stitch every day regardless... I get a bit tetchy these days if I don't stitch!! :o)
    I tend to not post that regularly on IG but I am at the moment as I am doing Stitch Maynia (18 starts) so I will add that stitch every day hash tag to my posts!! :o)
    Hugs x

  8. Sorry to be late commenting, Mini! I like the idea of stitching every day, but have to admit I do try to do that anyway! I’ve been trying to finish some of my current projects before starting new ones, but it’s very tempting to start new ones!
    Barbara xx


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