Sunday, 20 May 2018

IHSW May Check-in

Hello dear friends,

It's time to show what I stitched for International Hermit & Stitch weekend . If you don't know what  IHSW is, its a SAL which was started by Joysze at Random Ramblings .Here is how she describes it "International Hermit and Stitch Weekend takes place every 3rd full weekend of each month, from Friday till Sunday. In our very busy and hectic lives, IHSW is a chance for us to squirrel some time away for ourselves and "Hermit and Stitch." It is a time set aside to take care of us and our love for stitching."
Weekend in my part of the world is on Friday & Saturday, so I will be stitching from Thursday to Saturday and post on Sundays whenever I participate in IHSW.

Can you believe its third weekend of May already?This year is flying by so quickly, it needs to stop.
I had a very productive weekend. I stitched to my hearts desire and very happy with the progress I made .
Here is a before, after pic and picture of what the finished piece looks like.

Fabulous Florals 
Designed by : Claire Comerford
Pattern source : The World Of Cross Stitching Magazine, Issue 245

On Thursday I was chatting with a fellow cross stitcher and she asked what I was stitching these days . I replied to her "Flowers again" . I don't know why I have started to believe that there is no variety in my projects. I mostly stitch flowers and I think it is kind of boring. Well I have reasons why I stitch flowers which I have talked about before on my blog. I mainly stitch gifts and the recipients are not big fans of fantasy, Star wars, GOT and they don't have a clue what a sampler is ! So my safest bet is Flowers.
With these thoughts in mind, on Friday I was discussing with my husband can I start a new project which is not flowery ? He said, well you can but didn't you say in your last post that you want to  finish current WIP in a month? Reality check is what was needed ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ฅand I was back to stitching what you see above.
I know many of you have a eclectic taste and stitch wide variety of projects so I ask do you find it boring to see same themed projects in my posts. I wish there were more Indian themed designs other than the peacock, tiger and the elephants ๐Ÿ˜ž.
Do you discuss cross stitch with your partners? What projects to start, how much money to spend on hobbies?

Let me know in comments, interested to read what you ladies think.


  1. An interesting and thought-provoking post Mini! My husband has little interest in my stitching. I choose what to stitch and how much stash to buy. His hobby is football and he spends as much as he wants to following his favourite team. It works for us!
    I don't mind what you stitch, I enjoy seeing other stitchers' projects even if they aren't always something I would stitch myself. It's good to see other things! I love your latest project. Perhaps you could chart some Indian designs yourself, what would you choose?

  2. Well Mini, as you know I can't keep my attention on one of my own projects for very long ;) but I love seeing your progress from post to post on just one project. And to be honest I have often wondered if people mind that I may only show progress on some of my wips once or twice a year. Anyway I enjoy seeing everyone progress on all projects even if they only stitch flowers :) And by the way I love this project you are working on right now, the colors are so so pretty! Can't wait to see it finished!!

  3. My husband could care less what I do. :/ I say stitch what you want. I for one love samplers so if you ever want to make one you can give it to me. :) Flowers, of course, are always a good choice for gift giving. Your current project is moving right along. I'm always amazed at the size of the patterns you work on. You know I pick the easiest things I can find.

  4. My husband is a very good enabler. I'm the one who usually has to convince myself it's okay to spend money haha. He especially loves the geeky pieces and has opinions on everything when I make the patterns.

    I don't find "same themed" things boring! I like watching all kinds of progress because it's very satisfying to watch them grow. I especially like how you show all the different days' work. :D/

  5. What a great post! I rarely discuss cross stitch with my husband because we start down the "I don't know why you can't sell these for lots of money, they are beautiful works of art" discussion.
    My older son is much more interested and often keeps me company when I am stitching. He likes the fantasy designs and the Discworld Mappe but is picking up a lot of knowledge from the FlossTube which I watch!
    I follow so many people there is always a wide variety of styles to see so it really doesn't bother me if one person only stitches flowers because it's all part of the giant collage of work shown on the internet.

  6. Lots of progress on your stitching Mini! The flowers are very nice to see, and I enjoy seeing the flowers you have stitched.
    I mainly stitch on projects that I can use everyday - purses, phonecase, that type of thing, or occasionally small gifts for family. I feel that unless people are stitchers themselves they may not be too excited by a stitched gift.
    I love seeing what my blogging friends are stitching ..... and I’ve certainly seen lots on other stitchers blogs that I would like to stitch one day.
    DH doesn’t comment on what I am stitching very often, but he does compliment projects I’ve made.
    Love the photo of your cat who looks very similar to our black cat.
    Very thoughtful post Mini!
    Hugs, Barbara xx

  7. Your stitching is looking pretty, Mini:) I am never tired of stitching or looking at flower projects, I love those.
    I don't have too many WIPs either but a few which I was working on were almost HAED sized so I needed a break and started 12 new ones this year and I am happy I have completed a few of those.
    I do discuss my stitching and hobbies with my husband and he participates whole heartedly most times.

  8. You made great progress on your flower picture, Mini. And no, I don't get tired of seeing all the progress pictures on other stitchers' blogs. It's always very inspiring and a big motivation for me, even when there are designs I wouldn't stitch myself but I love seeing them anyway.
    I sometimes discuss my projects with my husband because he usually is he one who takes the pictures, lol.

  9. A lovely project you are working on. My husband is very supportive of my hobby.


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