Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Gifted Gorgeousness SAL May Update

Hello Friends,

It's that time of the month when we show what gifts we have been working on or/and what crafty gifts we have received. If you don't know what I'm talking about , check Jo's blog for more info. This is a easy SAL where you have choice to stitch any designer, color or pattern, just that it should be a gift for someone or gift from someone.

My stitchy bug is back and I'm enjoying adding stitches to my main WIP which I'm making for my mother's 60th birthday. I'm trying to keep up with my personal challenge of "Stitch every Day in May". Life is getting busy with changes at work and some days I'm too tired to stitch.

Here is how my WIP "Fabulous Florals" looks like now:

 Fabulous Florals 
Designed by : Claire Comerford
Pattern source : The World Of Cross Stitching Magazine, Issue 245

I have managed to reach the top and left most point of the piece. I have stitched all the stitches of DMC 164 and Anchor 243 , so 2 out of 35 colors are done. I must confess the number of colors and fractionals in this piece scared me in the beginning. The designer seems to be fond of fractionals and the pattern has single stitches of one color spread throughout the design. Some pics to show you progress thru the days:

I will be working for shorter hours for a month starting tomorrow . I work 48 hrs in a week, for the next month it will be 36hrs a week. I have set a target to complete this piece in the month, lets see how it goes.

That's all I have to show for GG post.
I would like to thank you all for the sweet comments on my blog and specially to friends who liked the idea of "Stitch every Day in May" and agreed to participate with me in this challenge.

Happy stitching !


  1. I don’t know this picture, it’s nice to see how quickly it’s growing, and I’m looking forward to seeing it finished. Good luck with your stitching every day in May!
    Barbara xxx

  2. Great progress so far! Fingers crossed the shorter working hours will give you heaps more stitchy time :o)
    Hugs x

  3. Thanks for taking part in GG this month. I love the way you have shown the progress photos for this lovely piece.
    I have indeed "Stitched Every Day" but that's not unusual for me!

  4. This looks lovely!Although there is still a lot of work on it I am sure you will continue enjoying it.AriadnefromGreece!

  5. Glad your stitching bug has returned, Mini! Your mom will love your gift :)

  6. This work is very pretty, good idea to set a routine of shorter hours, hope it works and the fabulous florals gets done for your mum´s birthday, she will love it.

  7. It's fun to see how it grew day to day :)

  8. Shorter hours will feel great, I bet. Working to the edges always feels good to me. It's like a visual goal reached. :D

  9. Nice update for GG this month.


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