Thursday, 31 May 2018

How did I do for "Stitch every 'Day' in 'May'"

Hello Friends,
May month has come to an end , I hope 'Maynia' in the cross stitch world has settled down. I have enjoyed looking at the various versions of Maynia . I hope you enjoyed whatever version you followed, after all its about enjoyment right?

My personal goal was to Stitch every 'Day' in 'May'. Many of you commented that stitching daily is a routine and you don't have to make it a goal. I on the other hand sometimes have to push myself hard to get my ass up from the couch and the TV and sit to stitch. I'm pretty happy with the what I achieved during the month, there were initial hiccups but things smoothed after a while.

Let me show you how I did statistically using a pie chart.

And here is the progress on my WIP.

Progress on 28th April 2018

Progress as of 31st May 2018
Fabulous Florals 
Designed by : Claire Comerford

Pattern source : The World Of Cross Stitching Magazine, Issue 245

I made a new start for an upcoming birthday and managed to stitch this much.
New start on 27 May 2018

Can you guess what this is going to be?
I love the color of the variegated thread and blackwork is one of my favourites form of cross stitch/embroidery.

I wish to continue this streak next month but looks difficult as we are travelling to Georgia for vacation . Its hard to carry needles ,scissors , patterns and floss during travel. That's where knitting comes handy scissors, patterns required. It easier to knit when the light is dim or when the road is bumpy.

Let me know in comments how did you do stitching wise this month.


  1. Well done on surviving Maynia! How many non-stitching days were there? I honestly cannot remember the last time I did not stitch for a day. It was certainly before I started my blog, probably when the Small Boy was a baby.
    The flowers look wonderful and the frame is looking good already, pretty thread.
    Have a great time in Georgia, nice photo!

  2. You did a lot better than I did during the month of May, but then there were several days when stitching was impossible. You also made a lot of progress on your Florals piece. Have you seen the Lakeside Needlework free Blackwork SAL?

  3. You did well stitching every day and your projects are looking great. I don't get to stitch everyday but it's because either I am busy with some work or tired.
    Enjoy your vacation:) I don't do any crochet or stitching on vacation and this time I neither did any reading as well.

  4. It wasn't a good month for crafting here in May, the month just passed my by.
    You achieved lots and so pretty too.
    Enjoy your trip.

  5. You made so much progress on your flowers!! Good job! And I too am in love with that thread you are using on the blackwork piece! Can't wait to see more of it :) I had a pretty good month this month too. Even finished a couple things. Hope you have a lovely vacation!

  6. Wow, you have achieved such a lot in May. Great job. A love your progress on your WIP, it was definitely worth it, Mini.
    No stitching here that month :(

  7. That blackwork piece is going to be lovely!! And you had a massive amount of progress on Floral Vases for the month. Enjoy your vacation too. I find it difficult to cross-stitch unless I'm going to be somewhere where there is a lot of sitting around. Knitting and crochet are much easier to manage on the go!

    I suppose I had a normal month. Many days without crafting, some with a lot. I am too lazy a lot of the time and want to just read. Or play video games. :)


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